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consulting services

At Acolyte, we believe that best practices consulting is the cornerstone of any great technology company.

We take pride in always providing our clients with objective advice and sound recommendations on how to best enhance their company’s existing IT infrastructure and take advantage of the newest technologies.

Acolyte is ALWAYS focused on working in the best interest of our clients.

This is why we don’t make the mistake of only looking at the short term but instead establish a well thought-out long term plan to minimize future upgrade costs and maintenance while at the same time giving you a faster infrastructure with a longer life span. We bring you tomorrow’s technology today.

A carefully defined and detailed specification & development plan is completed in order to maximize the investments, reduce costs, and ensure successful and predictable implementations and outcomes.

Our years of experience allow us to transform companies like yours in a matter of weeks as opposed to the months or even years others may take before an upgrade or migration is complete. Acolyte has a proven track record of using all of its resources and expertise to transition your company from your old systems to your new systems – fully operational with as little downtime as possible – easing the transition as well as reducing bottom line costs and risks for the project.

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cloud solutions

Acolyte had its own version of the "cloud" back in August, 1998…

Acolyte implemented the LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project) on our in-house LVS (Linux Virtual Server) Cluster. It was scalable and allowed hundreds of users per Server. Acolyte charged a monthly fee per remote desktop and offered turnkey installations as well as support for the environments. Now the cloud is a bit different, but the general concepts and benefits are still the same: low cost, scalable growth, consistent experience, and secure access from anywhere.

Whether it’s for disaster recovery, locating a line of business server, or launching the next big thing, the cloud may be just what you need.

Cloud type services initially began with website and email hosting and have since evolved. Later, remote servers began providing complete SAAS (software as a service) for mainstream applications as well as industry specific applications. Today, the cloud can provide, as we like to say, AAAS or anything-as-as-service including things like IAAS (infrastructure as a service), which allows your entire company’s infrastructure to be located in the cloud.

What is the cloud?

The cloud can be difficult to define simply because it's not a single kind of system, but instead provides business solutions by encompassing a range of base technologies, infrastructure configurations, service models, and deployment possibilities.

What's important about the cloud, though, is the infrastructure and standardization it can bring to your IT systems. Once you transform your systems to a cloud infrastructure, you can have the flexibility of where you want your programs and data stored. Change from Acolyte's Private Cloud, to one of the clouds of our provider network, or to the cloud you put at your main location or secondary location. Management is now easier, scalability is automatic, machine backups are more seamless, and disaster recovery and business continuity is more flexible and reliable.

But is it right to move everything to the cloud? What makes sense to move?

At Acolyte, we have a process that can help make sense of it all based on your specific environments, requirements, and needs. We can help you get a better understanding of different cloud solutions and whether to go public or keep it private. Where do leading cloud technology providers such as Amazon, Rackspace, and Acolyte fit in?

We won’t stop there. Acolyte will show you the strategies and best practices we have for implementation of your cloud strategy and transition including seamless migrations and how to fit it in to your disaster recovery plans.

With the future of many new technology solutions being offered as cloud technologies, it is important to carefully evaluate the costs and benefits of these cloud infrastructures.

Cloud based solutions which promise low monthly costs can be attractive to businesses and organizations that have limited capital but at the same time may desperately need to upgrade or overcome outdated technology. However, before casually making the switch, it is important to carefully evaluate all the long term consequences and business implications upfront.

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big data & ai

Another great resource that has come from the cloud is the world of Big Data, and companies like Amazon and the open source project Hadoop (and others) have finally made it possible to offer the world of Big Data to the general public.

Large cloud providers like Amazon allow tens of thousands of virtual machines to be spun up and down on demand in a matter of minutes. Open source projects like Apache Hadoop (and other MapReduce software) take big tasks and break them up into smaller ones.

Now, a look into your big data is only a matter of money. Spinning up 40,000 virtual CPUs for three hours to exhaustively solve your process intensive problem, costs a few thousand dollars… a lot less than the capital expenditure of building and the ongoing costs of maintaining your own micro cloud or cluster to solve the same problems.

Acolyte's has done unique and novel research into advanced Artificial Intelligence technologies and techniques since 1985.

We find that some of these AI algorithms work well to process some Big Data problem.

Where can you use Big Data? Where can you search for information or trends that you thought would be too hard to find in the past? How about in your unstructured data? What’s the price of knowing something your competitors don’t?

How fast can you process your daily transactions and figures from your high volume website or accounting system? Minutes? Seconds?

What assumptions did you have to make in the past about how fast you can get information, how often, and the quality of that information?

Whether it’s finding timely trends in large amounts of data or just getting a lot of things done in real time, Acolyte can provide you solutions that can automatically allow your business to scale up or down only to the size it needs to and only when it needs to do it, to get the information you need when you need it, or to get the job done when it needs to be done.

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single sign-on
& unified communications

Imagine every employee having one private remote virtual desktop, a single sign-on, with all their communications, schedules, applications, private data, and shared data all in one place.

It’s a superfast desktop even over slow internet connections, and it’s accessible securely from anywhere in the world with any device – a Windows or Linux PC, Mac, Tablet, or Smartphone.

Acolyte can provide industry leading, compact, portable, and complete turnkey phone systems that are based on industry standards for your small or medium-sized business.

Our phone systems are affordable, easy to use, and designed for you to manage. Because they’re based on industry standards, you can pick from hundreds of phones from dozens of companies. You can seamlessly integrate your smartphones like they’re extensions to the system. We can show you how to save money on your phone bill, and create a phone system that you can easily relocate in the event of a disaster or one that lives in the cloud.

Acolyte also specializes in providing phone systems for Call Centers and large multi-location businesses that require Central Management and Reporting.

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app & web development

Acolyte provides full service full life-cycle management and software development services to our clients. Software development is where Acolyte began, and it’s still our passion. For over 30 years, Acolyte and its early companies have provided custom software solutions to companies and organizations in many different vertical markets.

Whether it’s an enhancement to an existing program, a complete rewrite, or a new project, Acolyte can bring its decades of expertise to provide clarity and closure to your projects.

Acolyte has learned from experience that writing software is the easy part; it’s properly defining and solving the original business problems that most people lose site of. Our high success rate is a testament to our detailed specification and development planning that is completed before any coding begins.

Acolyte programmers always utilize the latest software development technologies and paradigms. Acolyte is not hesitant to solve client specific problems using Open Source Solutions whenever possible. Acolyte develops applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows, and the Web.

Many of our clients understand that unlike in years past, it is now affordable and cost effective for small companies - not just larger ones - to implement or, if necessary, develop turnkey software systems that exactly model and streamline their business processes. If the proper software can’t be found in the wealth of open source and commercial offerings, then Acolyte can help you build a solution based on proven and maintainable frameworks and technologies.

We understand and are proud of the fact that our systems become and continue to be the cornerstones for the implementations of many successful business models and profit centers for our clients.

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website design

Acolyte's Web Development team can design and develop any size website from start to finish or alter an existing one. We work throughout the process to make sure the final design meets our clients' expectations. Acolyte creates unique theme designs and custom graphics based on our research and understanding of our clients as well as direct feedback. Every website we do will be:

Attractive – First impressions are important. Subsequent impressions are too!
Functional – Every element has a purpose and is created with respect to client needs.
Intuitive – Easily understood navigation and page layout. Responsive designs bring optimal viewing to all devices.
Simple – Pages are clean and accessible without sacrificing functionality.
SEO Friendly – In the vast sea of websites, page rank is often the most important part of any website.
Customized – A website is an extension of whom or what it represents and should therefore be comparably unique.
Maintainable – Easily update content without advanced technical knowledge.

Acolyte's Web Programming team can also add advanced functionality to your sites by providing custom integrations of ecommerce, membership management, and other database services.

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