Our Clients

“We pride ourselves with establishing long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with all our clients.”

For decades, Acolyte Technologies has focused our attention on providing technology solutions to the constantly evolving small and medium sized business community.

Acolyte has been able to distinguish ourselves from our competition due to our attention to detail in the implementation and infrastructure of our networks as they relate to your current and future business needs.

Acolyte Technologies values the long term relationships we’ve developed with our diversified client base. Many of our current clients have been with us for more than 20 years – a true testament to our success in building long-lasting, cost effective, and mutually beneficial relationships.

When we created Acolyte, we asked ourselves what we would want for a technology provider if we owned our own companies. We looked at everything – quantitatively and qualitatively – and created a working relationship where the ongoing result is that our clients get the level of service they need and can stop worrying about money, employees, and productivity over IT situations. Furthermore, they limit themselves to the liabilities that often accompany down or slow internal response times, saving not only time and money, but also creating a less stressful IT experience going forward and at less cost.

Information Technology is mandatory and critical in every company’s business, but our clients realize that IT is also an investment, that if done correctly, should be able to pay for itself many times over by what it can do for your business processes and for your bottom line.

Acolyte has provided small and medium sized businesses the same network resources and software systems normally only provided to large corporations. This has clearly maximized our clients’ efficiencies, allowing them to scale their systems when growing while only adding to their bottom line profitability.

We provide our clients with quality products and services that consistently exceed their expectations. We are proud of the work we do and let our honesty, integrity, and strong reputation speak for us. We don’t sell you things you don’t need, we are conscientious, and we always work in the best interest of our clients.

Acolyte has always provided proactive monitoring and remote network support – what is now commonly referred to as managed services. Acolyte’s managed systems infrastructure is powered by the best and most affordable remote management software in the industry.

Acolyte also works with businesses that do have an existing IT department, but want to outsource some of the IT responsibilities.

In this case, Acolyte partners with your IT department giving you the flexibility to obtain additional IT resources whenever needed. This reduces businesses having to pay for, hire, and manage full time employees, with all their overhead, for short term additional IT needs or for special or separate projects.

We offer our clients technology specific financing options at competitive rates that can allow you to realize your return on investment ASAP and get you to your new systems and infrastructure, making you more efficient and productive sooner.