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Acolyte Technologies Corporation

About Us

In 1988, PJT Computer Consulting was founded in Watertown, Connecticut. In 1991, we expanded and relocated to Cheshire, CT and established Acolyte Software Corporation to reflect our company’s passion and ongoing work in software development. In 2001 we expanded and relocated again to our current location in Middlebury, Connecticut. In 2000, the name was changed from Acolyte Software to Acolyte Technologies to better reflect our diverse offerings of technology products and solutions that complemented our software and product development services.

For more than 25 years, Acolyte has been a single point of contact for our clients’ technology needs providing quality products and innovative solutions. Acolyte clearly understands the best practices and procedures from many years of working with such a diversified client base. Acolyte brings those years of experience and best practices to every client and every job.

Acolyte specializes in providing Seamless Computer Networking and Communications Solutions that also support your Industry Specific Software Programs and Databases. We use the most cost effective and highest performing just-in-time Custom Designed and Built Servers and Workstations, Industry Standard Communications and Back-Office Services, Internet and other Cloud-based Services, the Best Practices for Security and Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, along with comprehensive and affordable Service Agreements for timely Remote Management and ongoing technical support and maintenance.

Acolyte also creates custom software and apps for many different computers and devices. Acolyte has had a long history of software development projects dating back to 1980. We understand the full life-cycle development process and what it takes to create and maintain a successful product.

When Acolyte first opened its doors, the PC revolution had just begun and every small and mid-sized company began shedding their mainframes for personal computers which promised to be a more cost effective solution.

Today, you could say that the PC revolution has been replaced by the better experiences provided by smart mobile devices and well made tablets like the iPad. The secret, this time around though, is the tight integration these devices have to their users and environments and the way these devices will come to life and become more useful when integrating cloud-type resources and services. That’s really what will define this next generation of innovative technology solutions, and as an industry leader, Acolyte Technologies will always be there to support your specific business needs.